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DEAATM(N,N-Diethyl acrylamide)

Registration Numbers

CAS No. 2675-94-7
ENCS(JAPAN) Registered
TSCA(US) Not registered(LVE)*
REACH(EU) Registered
EINECS(CHINA) Registered
KECL(KOREA) Registered
TCSI(TAIWAN) Registered

※Please contact us if you need the registration information in detail.




Chemical formula C7H13NO
Molecular weight 127.19
Appearance Physical state: liquid
Colour: colourless-yellowish
Gravity 0.925
Boiling point 189.7°C
Freezing point -76.7°C
Viscosity 1.7mPa·s (25°C)
Flash point 87.8°C (Closed-cup)
86°C (Cleveland open-cup)
Solubility Soluble in water, n-hexane and other common organic solvents.
Tg(Glass transition temp.) 81°C


Drum 180kg(polyethylene)
Jerry can 18kg(polyethylene)

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