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DEAATM(N,N-Diethyl acrylamide)

Registration Numbers

CAS No. 2675-94-7
ENCS(JAPAN) 2-1017
TSCA(US) Under registration
REACH(EU) Registered

※Please contact us if you need the registration information in another country or region.




Chemical formula C7H13NO
Molecular weight 127.19
Appearance Colorless or yellowish clear liquid
Gravity 0.925
Refractive index 1.464
Boiling point 56℃(3mmHg)
Freezing point <-10℃
Viscosity 1.7mPa・s(25℃)
Surface tension 33.13 mN/m
Flash point 86°C(Cleveland)
Solubility Soluble in water, normal organic solvents and n-hexane
Tg(Glass transition temp.) 81℃


Drum 180kg(polyethylene)
Jerry can 18kg(polyethylene)

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