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Business introduction

Fine chemicals business

Resulting from scientific advancement, numerous chemical products make convenient lifestyles and new industries possible. Also they have become indispensable to our lives and to industry. The highly functional and high value-added products called fine chemicals have the potential to dramatically change society.
In the 1970s, KOHJIN entered the chemical market applying our original synthesizing technologies. With a method of producing acrylamide derivatives as our core technology, we have been developing, producing, and selling monomers and polymers not offered by any other companies. Our water soluble monomers are highly regarded as environmentally friendly chemical products. Demand is growing at an especially strong rate for materials for ultraviolet curable coating agents, inks, and adhesives that do not generate volatile organic solvent deemed to contribute to sick building syndrome and other maladies.
We will continue our research and development efforts as we seek to supply products with higher levels of utility and safety.



Kohjin's Beginnings

KOHJIN Co.,Ltd. has its beginnings in Japan's first specialist maker of rayon and pulp, which was founded in 1937, On the basis of our having accumulated technologies by developing materials derived from these natural ingredients, we have significantly expanded our technologies and businesses by continuing to meet the needs of the times.


Commenced the Fine Chemicals Business

Commenced production of fine chemicals with adenine, a purine base.


Became a Member of the Mitsubishi Corporation Group

With a view to expansion of our business scale, we entered into capital and business alliances with Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation (today's Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), and Mitsubishi Paper Mills Limited and joined the Mitsubishi Corporaiton Group.


KOHJIN Film& Chemicals Established

Decision taken to reorganize KOHJIN Co.,Ltd. as a holding company , as a part of this reorganization, KOHJIN Film& Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Established to develop the plastic film and fine chemical businesses.


KJ Chemicals Corporation Established

By company split, KJ Chemicals Corporation was established as a new company to assume the chemical product business.
At the same time, the company became an affiliate of SEIKO PMC CORPORATION.