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ACMOTM(Acryloyl morpholine)

Registration Number

CAS No. 5117-12-4
ENCS(JAPAN) Registered
TSCA(US) SNUR(with conditions)
REACH(EU) Registered
EINECS(CHINA) Registered
KECL(KOREA) Registered
TCSI(TAIWAN) Registered

※Please contact us if you need the registration information in another country or region.




Chemical formula C7H11NO2
Molecular weight 141.17
Appearance Physical state: liquid
Colour: colourless-yellowish
Gravity 1.119
Boiling point 158°C (6.67kPa)
Freezing point -8°C
Viscosity 9-12mPa·s (25°C)
Flash point 126.5°C (Closed-cup)
129°C (Cleveland open-cup)
Solubility Soluble in water and common organic solvents.
Insoluble in n-hexane.
Tg(Glass transition temp.) 145°C


Drum 200kg(polyethylene)
Jerry can 18kg(polyethylene)

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