Environmental Policy

January 1,2019
KJ Chemicals Corporation
Yatsushiro Plant

KJ Chemicals recognizes the responsibility as a member of society and contributes to its development through environmental activities based business activities including technologies and products harmonized to the global environment. Our production plant in Yatsushiro is an area blessed with rich natural environment such as the Kuma river and the scenic Yatsushiro Sea. We value these rich natural environment and maintain a friendly relationship with the community, actively engage in environmental conservation, and promote continuous improvement through participation of all employees.

  1. We comply and have agreements with environmental laws and regulations of the area.
  2. In order to achieve environmental goals, we will endeavor to continuously improve the environmental management system.
  3. Evaluate environmental impacts from the stage of planning and development, and have responsibility over product life cycle.
  4. Promote resource saving, energy conservation and recycling, etc. and strive to maintain and improve the global environment.
  5. We will conduct environmental education and awareness raising for all employees and cooperating companies, and strive to thoroughly implement this policy.
  6. We will disclose our environmental policy to the outside of the company and promote plant management that allows local residents to live in peace.