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Message from President of KJ Chemicals Corporation


Takashi Maruyama

Our Company originated in the 1970s as the Fine Chemicals Division of the Kohjin Co., Ltd., and since its advancement into the area of fine chemicals has been engaged in development of functional monomers and other products centering on those derived from acrylamide monomers, striving to create environmentally conscious products no one else in the industry can offer, we have made a contribution to a broad range of industries including paints, electronic industry materials, cosmetics, paper making chemicals, and energy.
On April 1, 2014 KJ Chemicals make a new start as a member of the SEIKO PMC CORPORATION, a manufacturer of paper making chemicals and resin products for inks and recording materials.
Through fusion of our monomers technology with the emulsification/dispersion techniques and polymer technology of the SEIKO PMC CORPORATION, we will endeavor to develop and offer products and applications with high added value matching the customers' needs at an even higher level than before.
In realization of our newly established corporate philosophy of "Contributing to creation of comfortable society and abundant future", I believe that the most vital task is to ensure strict compliance, high sense of ethics among all employees, and fulfill the roles and duties expected from a corporate citizen.
I promise that our company will do more than enough to live up to your expectations and meet your demands in the future, and I look forward to your continued support and encouragement.