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Research & Development/Production & Quality Control

Our dedication to technological originality helps create unique new products.

Research & Development

We are the world's first company to develop a method of producing acrylamide derivatives. Using this as a core technology, we research and develop for acrylamide derivatives solvent-free paints and inks and for various electronic materials. We are proactively working to expand application of these monomers to functional polymers and to working fluid for metallic and brittle materials.

Research & Development/Production & Quality Control

At the Yatsushiro Plant functioning as facilities to bring our unique manufacturing technologies, such as functional monomers and adenine derivatives, and know-how into reality, our Chemical Product Department has succeeded in commercial manufacturing of various fine chemical products that our competitors have found it difficult to manufacture. Among those high-quality chemical products, water-soluble chemical products in which no organic solvent is used in consideration of environment, and chemical ingredients of UV-curable resins attract public attention as the products that meet social demand. We will continue to provide the eco-friendly products that support healthy and fulfilling life.